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Nambi Log Homes
Nambi Log Homes
There are only two companies in South Africa that build these solid log homes. We are the one company and the other one is situated in Knysna.
Building a Log Home is like taking a journey, where dreams become reality and precious memories are added to the legacy that we pass along to the future generations.
Log Homes are safe, comfortable and versatile structures that will last more than a lifetime.
We build according to any plan and our plans can be changed to suite your needs.
We build anywhere in the country. The standard height of the house is 2,4m above the ground, which can be utilized as a parking space or extra rooms later on when required. The height can be lower – with no difference in price.
Our houses are built with a treated solid log according to code 082.
The wood is treated against fungal and insects attack like termites etc.
Our houses are build according to SABS standards and are classified the same as any brick house.
Buildings have a wooden base and floor. Side walls and interior walls are solid logs. Erection includes electrical wiring and points.
Quotation iswithout burglar bars.
Roof cover Arma tiles or concrete tiles


Maintenance on your house is very low because walls only need treatment approximately every five years.
The walls inside the house need no maintenance at all.
The floor can be cleaned with a wet cloth/mop and polished as necessary.