Tunnel-Vision Hydrogrow


Tunnel-Vision is a newly established division of New Heights Farms (Pty) Ltd. Offering a solution to all South Africans to grow the best, freshest herbs and vegetables in their own garden with the Hydrogrow (Hydroponic) system.

Tunnel-Vision developed the Hydrogrow system, combining under cover farming and hydroponics in a single unit, producing high quality, high production, fresh crop like most herbs and vegetables in any garden. Ideal for security complexes, estate garden and houses with limited garden space.

Hydroponics became popular due to the challenges facing the agricultural section, to provide fresh food for the growing population at a reasonable cost, and most importantly for consumers to become self- sustainable.

The Hydrogrow system is a cost effective, low maintenance, time saving system developed for serious herb gardeners, hobbyists, families who want to grow their own fresh vegetables and consumers who want to start a small venture to create some extra capital. With the high prices and uncertainty of ‘organic’ crop everyone can now produce a large part of their own fresh produce at a fraction of the price of retail stores. This system makes it possible to produce fresh produce right through the year and avoid the “out of season” price peaks.

The Hydrogrow system is based on the “Deep Flow Technique” which means water is pumped through a closed pipe system into a container. It is enriched with oxygen by an air pump into a container and back into the closed pipe system. Fertilisers are mixed with the water in order for all the required minerals and supplements to be pumped through the system. The plants absorb all the nutrients needed to develop into producing healthy plants. Slated pots are used so that roots can grow freely through the pots and reach the water to absorb the nutrients needed.

A water saving up to 50% is achieved by the Hydrogrow system, the only water lost is water the plants use to transpire, no water lost due to evaporation by the sun. The two pumps together use about 15 watts/hour of electricity, which is minimal and cost effective.

With all this in mind, you will keep on saving on the best, freshest and cleanest (organic) herbs and vegetables produced in your own garden. Even novices with little experience can now successfully grow fresh produce with the Hydrogrow system.

Happy gardening.

Contact persons:          Elza Goldschagg

Cell: 074 888 1908



Willie Strauss

Cell: 079 788 3018