Mapogo A Mathamaga


Mapogo A Mathamaga or Mapogo for short, as it has been taken up in colloquial tongue, has been around for more than 30 years. The humble beginnings of the company originated in Limpopo where cattle theft spurred the people of that community on to protect their livestock in the only way they knew how; by fighting fire with fire. Mr. John Magolego, the founder describes the central idea and methodology as follows: When and animal is attacked by another, that animal has to become like the animal that is attacking it in order to protect itself. It makes sense, especially today, where for the past 20 years citizens of this extraordinary country have not been able to put their trust in the police force to protect them.

Mapogo’s methodology raised eyebrows amongst those who questioned its legality. In the early 90’s Carte’ Blanche and various radio stations interviewed Mr. Magolego following his arrest due to Mapogo activities. His response was “If it works, then let it go on. Let it go on.” And it has ever since for it was this unintended media attention that spread Mapogo’s already well known reputation far beyond Limpopo and Gauteng carrying with it the understanding that if you mess with a Mapogo client you will be brought to book. Branches sprouted like mushrooms all over the country. Unfortunately it also resulted in people taking unfair advantage of a well-known brand, opening unauthorized Mapogo businesses under similar names such as A Mapogo Pogo. These have subsequently been closed down but it still managed to confuse the public about who the real Mapogo was.

My father, the late Mr. Barry van Zijl opened the East Rand Branch, now Mapogo Gauteng, back in 1994 and had a close relationship with Mr. Magolego. He was instrumental in assisting with closing down of rogue Mapogo branches. He also advised Mr. Magolego to register the logo and brand as a trademark which has since been done. The branches that are still operating are for the most part people who understand the Mapogo methodology and practice it with pride and honor. The reputation lives on even though the history of the company and clashes with authority forced us to keep a low profile. It is therefore not uncommon for the general public to wonder about whether we even still exist.

Besides this unfortunate fact Mapogo still manages to send a strong message even internationally; an hour long documentary by the BBC is viewable on YouTube!

Naturally times and needs change. Today much of our business lies in corporate protection with guarding services, but we still service individuals and residences with our trusted investigative service where we continue to deliver community driven results. The reputation attached to our logo and signage is as strong as ever.

But why don’t you put it to the test for yourself? Contact us at our office on (011) 979 0870 / 082 856 3498. Become a Mapogo Member, place our signage on your house and vehicles and watch the response from a petrol attendant the next time you pull up to have your vehicle fueled. You will be amazed.

As simple as our service is, it works!