Easy Health Wellness diets have been carefully developed with the backing of sound nutrition expertise and practical living in mind. Our goal is to EDUCATE and EQUIP you with a plan to lose weight and sustain weight loss in Addition we also aim to EDUCATE you on basic nutrition principles to ENABLE you to make the best food and nutrition choices.


Who are our diets suitable for:

Due to the expertise of a Dietitian on board we can gladly accommodate the following clientele:

  • We welcome both male and female clients
  • Age 16yrs and older
  • Overweight clients with Hypertension
  • Overweight clients with High Cholesterol
  • Overweight clients with Hyperinsulinemia
  • Overweight clients with Non -insulin dependent diabetes
  • Overweight clients with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Being overweight is highly associated with one of the above co-morbodities that develop due to “abdominal fat/ Visceral fat”. This type of fat is metabolically active fat and If you have a large waist or belly then you have visceral fat. Visceral fat drives up your risk for diabetes, & heart disease.Visceral fat is also thought to play a larger role in insulin resistance — which boosts risk of diabetes.

Should you have any other medical condition or are pregnant / lactating then we suggest you consult with your medical doctor first as many other diseases associated with your kidney, liver or GIT track will need a personalized plan by a Dietitian.

We welcome blood results done by your GP/ specialist Physician eg. Lipogram/ fasting glucose/ HbA1c – these markers are influenced greatly by correct diet and exercise and when repeated 4-6 months with improved lifestyle changes there will be an improvement when they are repeated by your treating medical professional.

Our plans are specifically based on using REAL food – this enables one to create good habits that are sustainable as well as easily available.

We will EDUCATE you on good cooking methods, portion control, craving and blood sugar control – these are all vital for successful and sustainable weight loss ENSURING that you have enough to eat and can enjoy healthy meals WITH your Family.

An important factor in any weight loss program is setting REALISTIC expectations and goals for your weight loss – based on your Tanita BC 1000 composition results we will have insight into your bodies specific metabolism, visceral fat levels, water levels etc. and be able to assist you with weight loss goals that are consistent and realistic.

We take great care and pride in Ensuring that accurate information is given to our clients – bottom line is (as we all already know) – there are no QUICK fixes – if positive behavior changes are not learned and implemented the chances of keeping the weight off are slim (no pun intended there J)