Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance of Outdoor Textiles:

Applies to all canvas outdoor textiles, and/ including the clear PVC window sections of outdoor canvas blinds:

For Light Dust:

  • Brush down with soft bristle and rinse with water. Allow time to dry.
  • (Low pressure sprayer hose attachments may be used here – no high pressure sprayers)

For Heavy Dust:

  • Hose down twice, 5 minutes apart, loosening stubborn dust with soft bristle brush after first hose-down.
  • Rinse well and allow time to dry. (Low-pressure hose attachments are handy here – avoid high-pressure sprayers).

Maintenance Cleaning:

  • Suggest do twice a year, at the beginning and end of Summer (for RSA, or before and after rainy seasons elsewhere):
  • Hose down and apply standard solution of neutral & biodegradable detergent to luke-warm water, and deliver
  • To canvas by means of low pressure sprayers with soap dispensers or simply splash onto surface of canvas,
  • And allow soaking in for a few minutes. Rinse off soapy solution well with cold water before allowing time to dry.

Stubborn Stains:

  • Apply strong solution of biodegradable, neutral detergent and luke-warm water directly to area, let soap soak in
  • Before working in well with circular motions, using moist sponge or soft bristle brush
  • Until stain is lifted, rinse well and allow time to dry.

DO & DON’Ts:

DO: Be gentle in handling – They will last longer.

NO 1 GOLDEN RULE: Where applicable, such as in roller or drop blinds, all outdoor canvasses must be stored away bone dry

  • When not in use. The metals left behind by evaporated rainwater cause the canvas to become brittle during
  •  The oxidation processes after the rolled up moist canvas finally dries out.