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Creating fragrant memories


Normally people frown when I tell them what I do for a living. “I work for Aromahaus and I am an Aromachologist and an Aromateur – then a smile”. “But what do you REALLY do?” “I blend essential and fragrance oils to create unique bath and body products”. “Ohooo – I see”.


Luckily the discussion never ends at the above exchange. People in general want to find out more about the essential oils and what it does for our health and well being. Over thousand of years humans have used essential and plant oils to enhance wellbeing or to mask unpleasant odours. For instance – Lavender has been shown by various studies that it provides a better and relaxing environment for sleep. But what most people do not now is that Lavender is also an “adaptogenic” – a little is perfect to relax the body but over use and high dosage are in fact a stimulant!


Aromahaus is into all things fragrant- bath oils, glycerine soap, foam bath, rock salt, foam bath crystals, pillow spray, home fragrance and some other unique products such as fire place fragrance to create fragrant and relaxing environments at home. 4 Unique fragrance ranges are sold – Lavender de Provence, Venetian Vanilla, Japanese Green Tea and our favourite and post popular classic Rose range – Rose of Persia. All the fragrance and essential oil blends in the Aromahaus ranges brings to mind vintage travel and old world qualities that have been long forgotten and replaced with synthetic and cheap copies that are only price driven. Our products are packed in amber glass bottles and are reminiscent of apothecary shops in the olden days. Our soap is handmade and cut and at the manufacturing plant, jobs are created by hand packing and labelling.

The 3rd party manufacturer for Aromahaus is SABS ISO 90001 accredited and registered with CTFA. But the most important approval for Aromahaus is our BEE approval. Yes, this is very important for you to take note of – BECAUSE – even when Aromahaus is at Pick ‘n Pay in a retail environment – 3 bees visited our display area and zoomed above the products and revisited at least 4 times! This is the best and biggest compliment for any Aromachologist – working with nature and not against it.


Our high quality essential oils are sourced from traceable and accredited manufacturing facilities around the globe. We have travelled extensively to find the best fragrance and essential oils to be blended into our bath products. Our fragrance and perfume oils are sourced from a very old (since the 1800’s) and established distillery in Grasse, France. We have a long standing trust relationship with them and depend on their quality, know how and service.


Aromahaus has learned a lot from Nature; applied wisdom gained over many hundred of years from studies and practical advice and used Science to create the perfect products for you. Contact Sonnika Coetzee on 083 607 655 or